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Former & Current Facilities

(Source: LVCC 1935-1995 60th Anniversary Reunion Booklet)

Practice Facilities

Practice facilities have varied over the years and the venues have changed from time to time. There are no records of practice areas being used prior to the club joining the Saturday turf competition when practice wickets were made available on the Kalgoorlie Oval's (now known Sir Richard Moore) main playing surface. these were situated at the eastern & western ends of the oval for all the clubs to use. 

After the Second World War, some practice took place on the mine lease at Fimiston where a half concrete wicket was established adjacent to the Horeshoe Lease Housing Complex. Prior to the finals, turf practice would be held in Kalgoorlie. Most players practiced with their Sunday clubs once a week on turf wickets. In later years when the club joined the EGCA in the "B" Grade & Juniors, practice was conducted on the Boulder Oval (now known as Digger Daws) opposite the present car gate entrance with run ups facing North & South. These practice wickets were relocated off the playing surface in an area in front of the new Boulder City Football Club rooms with run ups on the oval.

The Boulder wickets were of a poor standard and fast bowlers had to reduce their run ups because of the danger to the batsmen. Following a deputation to the then Kalgoorlie Road Board and after many weeks of deliberations, the club was finally granted permission to establish practice wickets adjacent to the entrance of the trotting ground. Thus Lake View Cricket Club became the first sporting body to establish itself on the trotting ground at the Cruickshanks Sports Arena.

In original applications to use the trotting ground, an area in the north eastern corner was sought after, in a section where the Apex train is situated. The Board however was eager to establish the practice wickets inside the trotting track, bearing in mind there was not a blade of grass in the arena. They eventually gave permission for the facilities to be placed adjacent to the main entrance as they were keen to upgrade this area. With the help of the Board's Work Foreman, Bill Humphries, plus the untiring help of Dave Livie (Life Member LVCC), who was the Surface Foreman of Lake View & Star Gold Mine, two concrete wickets were established. The turf strips were planted the next summer. 

The transfer of practice areas was a bold move but had to be taken for two reasons. Firstly the practice wickets were deteriorating at Boulder and there was a strong possibility of the ground not having a curator in the future. Secondly there was a reluctance to allocate us a practice session in Kalgoorlie. Lake View had to look to the future and the calculated risk proved to be a big bonus to the club. If anyone had any doubts about the wisdom of the move, the results reflected in the premierships won in that era. 
In the 2017-18 Season the club began practicing at the Ray Finlayson
Sporting Complex nets on a trial basis once a week & in 2018-2019 moved
into what is now our current home on a permanent basis.


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