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Lake View Coaches

At Lake View we value and appreciate all of our coaches at the club. We understand the time and effort that is required when coaching at any level. Our aim at the club is to have each coach receive the latest in coaching accreditation with most of our coaches having achieved the Level 1 accreditation through Cricket Australia. The club is a Level 3 Good Sports member and we work really hard to make our club the club of choice for families and players. Coaching is a really important part of any club and we support them in every aspect of the position. In the junior levels we include our parents in the development of their child so that they are able to support the coaches in making it a really enjoyable and fulfilling experience for them as a family. As part of Cricket Australia we have outlined our parents, coaches and players Code OF Conduct which are clearly listed below.  We welcome any parent or person to be a coach at our fantastic club. It can be an incredibly rewarding position. If you would like to be a part of our coaching panel please call Andrew Herl on 0428 888 587.   

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Seniors  Coach - Matt Carter

Matt Carter is the Seniors coach for the 2023-24 season & has a wealth of cricketing experience behind him, including premier grade cricket overseas, W.A. Country XI & EGCA A Grade in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Under 17's  Coach - Tony Thomsen


           Under 14's Coaches - Jason Young & Matt Worthington

           Under 12's  Coach - TBA

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