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Ivanhoe Cricket Club

On the 15th of September 1902 a meeting was held at the Ivanhoe Gold Mine with representatives from several different mines with a view to forming a Mining Cricket Association. Among this group were Messrs King & Grieve from the Ivanhoe Gold Mine, one of 7 mines who entered teams that went on to form the initial sides of the association. Ivanhoe CC had the bye on the first weekend of fixtures which commenced on Saturday the 4th of October 1902. Ivanhoe commenced their first match on Saturday the 18th of October 1902 (somewhat ironically in hindsight) against the Lake View Consols side on the Boulder recreation reserve (now Digger Daws Oval) & resulted in a first up win for Ivanhoe. The association appears to have had several name changes (& various teams) over the years through to about the end of the 1915-1916 season.
With the exception of a game or two in late 1920 no records seem to be available of Ivanhoe having competed (or at the very least the matches being reported on) from around March 1916 through to the start of the 1932-1933 season. Ivanhoe Cricket Club commenced the 1933 - 1934 season in the Mines & City Cricket Association on the 30th September opposed to the Foundry Cricket Club at the Foundry Ground. On Thursday the 2nd of November 1933 an article appeared in the Kalgoorlie Miner which published results of a game between South Kalgurli Cricket Club & Ivanhoe CC, the ladder positions also were published & listed the Lake View & Star Cricket Club however the Ivanhoe CC was not listed on this ladder. 
By Saturday the 11th of November the results of a match that had occurred the prior Saturday (4th of November 1933) between Foundry CC & Lake View & Star CC were published & the team members who had been representing Ivanhoe CC previously were all now representing the Lake View & Star CC. Ladder results from this point on listed all games played & points won for the entire season as credited / attributed to the Lake View & Star CC. The precise reason for the name change partway through the season is not at present known although it is known that the Lake View & Star Gold Mining company owned the Ivanhoe Gold Mine that the team was representing & were also meeting all of the financial commitments of the club from this time through to the end of the 2nd World War. 


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